Introducing TransFix

20 Sep

Who, what, where, and how is TransFix?

TransFix: Skillsharing For The Trans Community seeks to establish and foster a safe space for transgender, genderqueer, bigender, and gender non-conforming persyns to acquire valuable skills while creating community.

Our primary objective is to establish a four-day camp here in Northern California for the summer of 2011 that will offer workshops, seminars, art/performance venues and community space for attendees. Our secondary objective is to provide the trans community a year-round calendar of events such as open mics, cabarets, art shows, parties, concerts, and other spaces where participation and/or attendance from trans spectrum persyns is not only accepted, but enthusiastically encouraged.

TransFix is based in the SF Bay and currently consists of three individuals who are or have been associated with Hella Umbrella East Bay, CampTrans, BelowTheBelt, and GLBT National Hotline. We are ever on the lookout for volunteers, especially those with community service or organizing experience, to assist with our events and operations.

And we’re doing good, thanks!

I identify as X, am I allowed at your events?

TransFix’s events are welcome to all gender and sexual identities, given that you respect the identity of others, especially those for whom the space has been created.

How can I get involved with TransFix?

There exists a plethora of ways to contact us. Choose the one that most fits your style.

1) email us at
2) comment to any of our blog posts
3) give us a shout out on our twitter
4) join our facebook group and

Be sure to give us your contact info and what exactly you’d like to do for us.


2 Responses to “Introducing TransFix”

  1. jayinchicago September 21, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    Are you looking for regional contacts or coordinators?


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